Campus South has ample parking for base camp, cast, crew and background for productions of any size.

Campus South Parking Inventory

NOTE: Lot numbers correspond to nearby electric standards on the Vector Map.

Lot # Space Count Nearby Buildings Location Description
118 150 B-5 Between B-5 and the railroad tracks
24 150 E-2, E-3, A-1 On State St. between E-2 and A-1
121 120 B-5, 19-20 On Crescent Dr. between B-5 and Building 20
113 77 B-7, B-9 On Commercial St. between B-7 and B-9
157 65 A-14 On State St. between A-14 and Highland Valley Rd. gate
84 60 17, A-17 Gravel lot where Union St. meets Elm Pl.