Pomona-Area / Campus South

Campus South

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Campus South has a vast array of authentic, spacious, and visually rich filming locations for your scenes, along with plenty of open warehouse space for set builds, all while providing the comfort, flexibility and convenience that comes with shooting on a secure, backlot-style campus with ample base camp, crew parking, air conditioned catering areas, construction mill, staging and production office space for any size production.

Acute care hospital with morgue and operating theaters

Residences of various sizes from mansion to bungalow

Unique industrial and warehouse spaces

Period and modern office spaces

School, Classrooms


Outdoor sports facilities including pool, fields and courts

Farm / Ranch

Children’s summer camp with cabins

Residential, industrial, suburban and rural streets

Base Camp & Crew Parking

Production Office Space

Catering / Holding Space

Mill Space

Secure Gated Entry

24-Hour Security